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1 Design Brief

1.1        Project Timescale

The Olviya development project will last a total of 6 weeks, in which all deliverables will be completed. The presentation of the conceptual document will take place week commencing the 13 April 2008.

The conceptual design phase for the Olviya development will include the following deliverables (points 1.0 - 6.0) over a 6-week period.

  1. Market Study
  2. Component Matrix
  3. Conceptual Master Plan
  4. Artistic Rendering
  5. Business Plan
  6. Concept Document

1.2        Client Company Profile

Ghassan Aridi & Associates - Marta Consulting (GAA-Marta Consulting), is an established and influential, Dubai-based Destination and Tourism Consultancy Company built on over 26 years of tourism and development experience.

Led by Mr. Ghassan Aridi, Chairman of the company, GAA-Marta Consulting was launched through demand with the view of providing high quality and experienced consultancy services to destinations and/or tourism projects with the potential to thrive from the International, Middle East and Gulf market.

With over 26 years experience in the tourism industry in the Middle East and Gulf, Mr. Ghassan Aridi has established himself as a prominent figure in this region. He has his own international acknowledged award-winning organisation and leads an established and successful Destination Management Company - Alpha Tours, who handle in excess of 350,000 passengers per annum.

Mr. Ghassan Aridi is supported by the senior management team which includes company Director, Mr. Trevor Owen who has over the last 26 years, held senior positions in British Airways, Emirates Airline Leisure Group, Kuwait Airways and other travel and tourism organisations within the region.

The team Account Manager, Mrs. Vanessa Barker, brings over 6 years experience in Destination Marketing to the company, previously handling exclusive destinations such as the Seychelles and Ireland.

The management department is supported by an extensive multinational team who share years of experience in destination marketing, investment, development, growth and PR in the tourism investment and development industry throughout the world. Their network of clients, trade, airline, corporate and media partners spanning the entire Middle East and Gulf area, coupled with strong ties to some of the most influential individuals and organisations around, highlights their expertise and strength in the region.

1.3      Project Aims

The aim of the project is to work in conjunction with GAA-Marta Consulting to develop a more suitable master plan for the Olviya site, located on the coastal region of Montenegro. Currently a master plan has been developed but is not operationally efficient or financially viable.

The aim will be to conduct a market and feasibility study, which will analyse the present market conditions of Montenegro; provide an overview of the tourism and travel product of the destination; and identify the future trends of travel, tourism and development of the country.

Once the market study has been completed, a component matrix will be produced which will identify the individual elements that should be developed within the 60-hectare site. From the component matrix, a detailed master plan will be developed and will identify the location of each of the components. This will also show approximate areas required for each area. An artistic rendering will assist in portraying the concept that is trying to be created.

A business plan will then be developed to identify the CAPEX required to support the master plan, together with full financials and projected cashflows for 10 years of operations.

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