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Queen beach Tourist Entertainment Complex


The Project provides creation of the zones of international high tourism by investors' pool in the form of a health resort village on the coastline first line located in the natural bay Kraljev Plaza (Queen Beach), as a Tourist Entertainment Complex for 4,000 persons with individual dacha holiday zones for further commercial realization of its units and operation by independent chains.

It is located on the coastline of the Adriatic Sea, on the first line, on the isolated land plot with a sandy beach.  Distance to the highway: 0.8 km, access to the Airport: 45 minutes.

High tourism zone has been projected. Privately owned area is 19 ha and long-term rented area is 11 ha (On aggregate - 30 ha). The land plot has 800 m along-shore extent and from 300 to 500 m width.

Projected Construction and Maintenance of Buildings: Total Area: 206,000 sq. m including: Projected Residential Area: 184,000 sq. m; Projected Retail Area: 22,000 sq. m

Hotel Zone comprises the land plot of 6 ha including:

  • 4*Hotel: Queen Shore - 15,000 sq. m;
  • 4*Hotel: On mountain slope - 17,622 sq. m;
  • 5*Hotel: Queen Bay (the main one) - 68,000 sq. m;
  • 5*Hotel: Queen Beach - 58,770 sq. m;
  • Boutique-Hotel - 38,000 sq. m

Total 115,000 sq. m with heated swimming polls, within the first line and own beach.

The following documents and materials have been developed for implementation of the Project:

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