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In 2006 - 2007, MGC Rostok prepared to launch a comprehensive Project in mining and metallurgy industry related to Shokhkadambulak (Chokadambulak) deposit development.

Initially, during previous developments of Shokhkadambulak deposit it was planned to establish an Ore Mining and Concentration Complex to win two ore products such as 67% -iron-containing concentrate and concentrate of four nonferrous metals with further realization of such concentrated raw materials as salable products.

The Project provides organization of mining, beneficiation and further remelting of iron-containing concentrate to the finished product - steel, in the territory of the republic of Tajikistan with construction of a steel mini-mill in the vicinity of the deposit. With regard to polymetallic concentrate, our Product provides processing of the polymetallic concentrate to metal on the basis of existing facilities (though idle at present time) of the IGMZ Tamokhush Hydrometallurgical Plant (and partially State Enterprise Vostokredmet).

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