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bogomila tourist entertainment complex


The Project provides creation of a health resort village beautified with red and white flowers of bogomil, a subtropical bush - vivid representative of the local flora, as a Tourist Entertainment Complex with dacha holiday zones for further commercial realization of its units. It is located in the Republic of Montenegro on the coast of the Adriatic Sea (first line). Access to the Airport: 20 minutes; two way asphalt access road is available, the distance to the highway: 15 km.

The Project provides that the Tourist Entertainment Complex will comprise four development zones: Contemporary Traditional Residential Area -28 ha, Hotel Area - 20 ha, Urban Center -28 ha and Beach Leisure Area - 8 ha.

Projected Building Construction Total Area: 482,500 sq. m including:

Projected Residential Area: 387,900 sq. m

Projected Retail Area: 94,600 sq. m

The following documents and materials have been developed for implementation of the Project:

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