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Brief Description of the Project


The land plot comprising 30 ha for development and operation (including 19 ha of privately owned area and 11ha of area rented from Morskoje Dobro) planned to be purchased for the Tourist Entertainment Complex development is located off the conventional tourist zones fenced by the mountains in a rather prospective tourist area, in which the high tourism zone is being projected under the General Plan, right along the 800 m sea coastline with the width of 300 to 500 m; the land plot is adjacent to the natural sea bay surrounded by two headland having beautiful marines; it comprises 70% of rocky shore and 30% of natural sandy beach, comparatively shallow inshore waters from 8 to 20 m deep within the distance of 100 m from the coastline; the shore has small slope. The distance to the highway is 800 m, however, the access road to the land plot is not yet available and the only access to it is provided due to motorboats; it has no infrastructure; communication utilities are available within the distance of 0.5 km; nearby there are several villages with rural inhabitants who can be involved in the activities related to operation of the Tourist Entertainment Complex.


Being of a large-scale format the product will have relatively low weight of communication costs due to its large-scale format, provision of the series of options and amenities that are not generally available in case of small-scale projects including:

  • Remoteness from ‘fossil' resort areas, new engineering and transport solutions,
  • Infrastructural adequacy with regard to culture and shopping and leisure services,
  • International level of servicing and services, European Standard quality of fit-out and equipment of buildings,contemporary architecture.

The Project provides that the Tourist Entertainment Complex will comprise four zones:

  • International Hotel Area: capacity - 1,132 hotel rooms for 2,500 guests; Areas for 40 Villas and 500 Apartments for 250 and 1,500 guests consequently;
  • Shopping and Entertainment Area;
  • Beach Leisure Area;

Thus, the Project is focused on creation of a new up-to-date health resort village developed in Mediterranean traditions with high level of communications and servicing, as a tourist and leisure, cultural and historical complex with dacha holiday and hotel facilities for 4,000 holiday-makers; the Project is unique among the existing installations of the competitors.


The Project will provide construction and operation of buildings of European Standard quality with total area of 206,367 sq. m (including 184,041 sq. m of residential space and 22,326 sq. m of retail space) in compliance with contemporary architectural criteria.

The Tourist Entertainment Complex zones comprise the following primary elements:

In the private householdership village on the land plot of 5 ha:

  • 40 private residential villas each of 400 sq. m with swimming pools with total area of 17,424 sq. m each on the land plots of 600 sq. m each
  • Tower for 500 apartments, total 51,610 sq. m;

Hotel Zone comprises the land plot of 6 ha, excluding park and other parts including:

  • 4*Hotel: Queen Shore - 15,000 sq. m;
  • 4*Hotel: On mountain slope - 17,622 sq. m;
  • 5*Hotel: Queen Bay (the main one) - 34,000 sq. m;
  • 5*Hotel: Queen Beach - 29,385 sq. m;
  • Boutique-Hotel - 19,000 sq. m

Total 115,007 sq. m with heated swimming polls, within the first line and own beach.

In the center (and in the upper part of the land plot) on the land plot of 3 ha:

  • Restaurants, cafes;
  • Night club, discothèque;
  • Shops;
  • Maintenance, Medical Service and Drugstores, total 22,326 sq. m,

Behind the mountain: personnel accommodation zone, management company and maintenance services.

In the Beach Leisure Area on the land plot of 5ha:    

  1. Four public and separate sea beaches of 200 м length each, equipped with toilets and showers, summer café and shopping facilities,
  2. Marina with summer harbor for 20 parking bays with ancillary facilities,
  3. Aqua park, several heated swimming pools;
  4. Sports grounds,
  5. Park Area on the land plot of 8 ha (including adjacent to hotels and apartments)

Communication Zone on the land plot of 3 ha (roads, parking, footpaths including adjacent to hotels and apartments).  Additionally, a restaurant combined with museum "Old Castle" is projected to be built on the ruins located at the headland.

Engineering facilities:

  • central water supply system,
  • sewage system and water treatment plants,
  • power transformer center,
  • lift and elevator systems,
  • underground car parking for 900 parking places,
  • access road with the tunnel from the highway,
  • internal automobile road system,
  • tunnel for pedestrians and buggies from the central reception and the parking to the beach
  • satellite television system, and the Wi-Fi access to the Internet


Construction period - 3.5 years including preparatory period, project design period, approvals, arrangement of external financing - 1 year, construction period - 2 years, selling of villas, apartments, restaurants and other real property - 2.5 year according to the schedule beginning from the ten month upon the Project Commencement Date, reserve - 0.75 years. 6.5 years operation of the hotels


Flat Cost (excl. financing and tax outgoings) 417.0 Mio Euros (including Land and Preparatory Costs - 52 Mio Euros, Construction Costs - 185 Mio Euros, Hotel Fit-Out Works - 95 Mio Euros, Hotel Equipment - 85 Mio Euros), Revenue from selling of villas, apartments and other real property 325 Mio Euros, Annual Revenue from Hotels Operations and Residential Complex Maintenance Operations comprise 56 Mio Euros. Annual Profit from Hotels Operations will comprise 33 Mio Euros. Taxes comprise 7-8 Mio Euros per year.


Inputs pursuant to full scheme: 338 Mio Euros (including Start-up Capital: 25.0 Mio Euros, External Borrowings: 192.0 Mio Euros, at initial stage of operation: 120 Mio Euros).

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