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The Project has provided more efficient use of 7 ha land plot and 50,000 sq. m development area for the purposes of industrial zone development (West Degunino). The developed Project allows performance of multistage construction of additional buildings with total area of 270,000 sq. m on the existing land plot. This will give an opportunity to transform the Businovskiy Meat Processing Plant to TECHNOPARK as a multi-use industrial, warehouse and administrative complex where, while retaining existing food production, new material conditions are being established for running and development of the series of new businesses such as production of research and development deliverables, software products and nanotechnologies. Thus, new volumes of business and jobs will be created on the existing real assets several times exceeding the current indicators of the Plant.

The following documents and materials have been developed for implementation of the Project:

  1. Brief Project Description (Resume);
  2. Technopark Lot Lines, Layout Plan;
  3. Photos of Project Development Site;
  4. Architectural Visualizations (Several Variants)
  5. Feasibility Study (in Russian TEO);
  6. Business Plan;

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