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Research and Development Activities

In 1997, the Rostok Amalgamation set up a task to establish the first in the Russian Federation integrated complex for manufacturing of quick-freeze products. The market and history analysis has shown the absence of significant equipment range for quick-freezing of the wide range of food products including vegetables, berries, products made of bakery dough, pies, cutlets etc. Additionally, it has been also discovered that appropriate formulas, developed technologies and technical conditions were not available.

Synergism of quick-freeze products comprises three stages:

  • Stage 1. Development of IQF methods and technology (R&D)
  • Stage 2. Production of IQF facilities (quick-freeze equipment)
  • Stage 3. Production of IQF semi-finished food products.

The Rostok Amalgamation has designed and implemented the following Programs to ensure accomplishment of the task and effective achievement of the objective:

  1. Purchase of production space to perform research and development activities (R&D) as well as to design and manufacture pilot equipment for products quick-freezing. Through the use of this equipment, concurrent organization of industrial production of wide range of quick freeze products on the residual premises. 
  2. Reprofiling of the purchased production space for food manufacturing by engaging the leading design institute "Myasomolprom" for this purpose and consequent certification of this production in compliance with requirements of Sanitary & Epidemiological Service.
  3. Development of new technology principles of freezing of various products, new formulas and technical requirements for healthy eating.
  4. Establishment of creative body composed of quick-freeze equipment leading experts using the latest scientific and technical breakthroughs and engaging the specialist to create new formulas of healthy eating and technical requirements by involving the scientists from the RAMS Institute of Nutrition.

Over the last five years, the Rostok Amalgamation has formed a vertically integrated production structure comprising a series of the enterprises in the regions and in Moscow including agricultural production, processing and distribution:

  1. Design of IQF equipment based on the latest achievements of science and technology (Rostok Technology Center, Moscow, Dokukina Street, 8).
  2. Production of quick-freeze facilities (Rostok Technology Center, Moscow).
  3. Design of food technologies products by using know-how. (Rostok Technology Center, Moscow).
  4. Cultivation of agricultural products in the regions of their vegetation. (Rustas Firm, Moldova).
  5. Primary processing (shock freeze) of washed, cleaned and cut precooked products and northern berries with their further industrial packaging (Rostok-Rustas Cold-Store Complex, Moldova - Russia; TEK Rostok, Arkhangelsk).
  6. Further processing and production of retail products. (Quick-freeze Semi-product Plant (Rostok, Moscow).
Distribution of products through the four lines of Rostok trade mark.

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