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Quick-Freeze Semi-Finished First Dish

Quick-Freeze Semi-Finished First Dish Production Line has been designed and put into operation.  

9 Varieties

The formula has been designed together with the RAMS Institute of Nutrition. TU 9165-005-18535635-99, TU 9165-006-52591795-02, TU 9165-016-52591795-04.

Single-component and multi-component semi-products for meat plus vegetable and vegetable first dishes are manufactured to be realized through retail network and public catering enterprises; the following products ensure appropriate edible qualities and peoples' health and environmental safety:

Three varieties of borsch: Pork Ragout Borsch, Beef Soup Mix Borsch, Vegetable Mix for Vegetarian Borsch.


Six varieties of soup: Meat Solyanka, Vegetable and Pork Ragout Soup, Meat Soup, Beef Soup Mix, Vegetarian Soup, Mushroom Soup. Quick-freeze mushrooms.

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