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Meat and Pastry Main Second Dish

Meat and Pastry Main Second Dish Production Line has been designed and put into operation. 22 Varieties

have been designed together with the RAMS Institute of Nutrition. TU 9222-006-46487549-99, TU 9222-005-46487549-99, TU 9222-004-46510019-97, TU 9165-003-18535635-99, TU 9214-007-52591795-02, TU 9214-005-46510019-98, TU 9214-004-46487549-99, TU 9214-002-46487549-99, TU 9214-007-52591795,02, TU 9214-004-52591795-02:

Meat and vegetable minced stuffed semi-products, pelmeni and dumplings for realization through retail network and public catering enterprises. Made of first category meat:

Pelmeni and dumplings (8 varieties): Pelmeni: 

  • "Starovaldaiskiye",
  • "Maria the Beauty",
  • "Ogni Stolitsy".
  • "Kazachyok",
  • "Lux №1, 2, 3",
  • "Uralskiye",
  • "Sibirskiye";

Dumplings with ‘fruit and berry stuff', with ‘Cream Cheese', ‘Cream Cheese and Raisins', and ‘Cream Cheese and Spices'. Breadcrumbed cutlets (6 varieties) stuffed a la Kiev, with beef, with mushrooms, schnitzel a la minister and a la Vienna.

Minced beefsteak (3 varieties): Choice, Bermuda, Mititei.  Kebab (5 varieties): Arab Kebab, Russian Kebab,

Cauliflower, broccoli, vegetable marrow, aubergine, beans, salads etc. Lecho of 2 varieties. Mix of 8 varieties:  Hawaiian Mix, Mexican Mix. Ragout. Ratatouille.  Quick-frees semi-finished potato. Quick-frees semi-finished vegetable cutlets.



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