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Food Production

Food freezing technology emerged in the second half of the XIX century as one of the solutions for long time storage of food products to retain all the qualities pertained to their natural analogues.  IQF methods of food product quick (shock) freezing have existed over the last dozen years being recognized worldwide. Their principle is forced rejection of heat from product through blasting of each item by extremely chilled air (from -350 to -420).  IQF technology of food product quick-freezing allows ensuring inalterability of such parameters as bacteriologic purity, gustatory quality, nutritional value, mass, visual appearance, while providing the absence of biochemical spoilage. At the same time, the losses are decreased from 8% to 1.5% and freezing time - from 2-3 hours to 25-30 minutes. Around 40 million tons of IQF products (mixed vegetables, fruits, poultry sea food, meat semi-finished products, and ice-cream) have been manufactured in the world every year. For instance, European vegetable market volume comprises 8 million tons per year including 3 million tons of quick-freeze vegetable products.

While implementing the Program, the Rostok Amalgamation have established four food production lines:

  1. Quick-Freeze Semi-Finished First Dish Production Line;
  2. Garden Sauce Production Line for Second Dishes;
  3. Meat and Pastry Main Second Dish Production Line;
  4. Third Course Production Line (roll-in pastries, snacks, fruit mixes).
The output products based on the developed formulas and pursuant to technical requirements have complied with all the requirements of GOST R51740, GOST R 51074-2003, GOST 8.579-2002, the Laws of the Russian Federation On Quality and Safety of Food Products and On Protection of Consumers' Rights. The products have been delivered to the wide retail network of the city of Moscow and Moscow Oblast as well as to school institutions of the Southern Administrative District, Central Administrative District and North-western Administrative District of the city of Moscow.

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