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The production and supply of potash fertilizers

The aim of the project - Start-Up of industrial and logistics complex for the production and supply of potash fertilizers, premium quality sulphate of potash (SOP), with a capacity of 1.0 million tons per year, on the basis of intelligence and the organization of production in the development of fields with reserves of raw materials for more than 50 years, including North Krasnoborskiy plot and East plot Krasnoborskiy polyhalite ore deposits with total area of 30 sq km, located in the Polesie region Kaliningrad region of the Russian Federation, license KLG No. 02398 TP from 28.06.2013 and KLG No. 02478 TP from 29.05.2015   

  производство калийных удобрений

The Project:


  • located in special economic zone of Kaliningrad region (affords tax preferences); 
  • having a clear competitive advantage in logistics due to its proximity to the sea;  
  • located in the region with already existing infrastructure, and provided with power and transport resources;         



The company carries out the prospecting works in the deposits for sulfur containing polyhalite ore, which is used as a raw stuff for production of potassium sulfate (SOP). The initial state assessment of resources for both sites is about 250 million tons of K2O of category С1+С2, content of К2О is 10 - 17%, occurrence depth is 800-960 meters, stratum thickness is about 60 m (maximum 126 m). The stage of exploration and prospecting works is completed for now in North Krasnoborsky site. The exploration and prospecting works go on in East Krasnoborsky site. The following results were obtained by the end of 2017:

The drilling in 5 new wells in North Krasnoborsky district was completed; the first well is being drilled in East Krasnoborsky site, while the data on drilling, seismic and geophysical conditions were processed on total of 26 wells (Kaliningradgeophysica and Rosgeologiya): 


  • contour for measurement of reserves and stratum depth were determined,  
  • reserves referred to category С1+С2 with average К2О content in ore of 12,5% were measured,
  • capital expenditures for project implementation were determined,
  • operational expenditures for project implementation were determined (minimum balance and energetic balance of production were determined), 
  • project feasibility study of provisional cut-off grades was developed. 






The C4 well is productive layer poligalova breed 831,75 m – 866,75 m

Technology of polyhalite ore benefication and processing has been developed (Research Institute CNIIGeolnerud, Kazan). The technology enables the production of the following product range:


  • potassium sulfate (SOP),
  • magnesium sulfate,
  • product properties POLY-4. 



 The economic feasibility of industrial production arrangement with such technology was proven. The research was conducted with the high-grade ore (К2О content in ore of more than 10%), medium-grade ore (К2О content between 8% and 10%) and low-grade ore (К2О content in ore is less than 8%). The economically feasible cut-off grade of К2О in ore was determined as 6%.

As a result, the measured reserves of category С1+С2 amount to 69 million tons of К2О, stratum depth is 60 - 126 m, average К2О content in ore is 12,5%. The measured reserves will be filed with the state balance, in the amount approved by the State Reserves Committee, during the first quarter of 2018.


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