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News of 2007.

11 January Restructuring of financial streams of Joint-Stock Company «Businovsky meat industrial complex» in business directions.

05 April Creation of Joint-Stock Company in Tajikistan.

10 May Approval reception in the ministries of republic Tajikistan of the project of Chokodambulak.

10 April Development of legal bases and organizational structure of Joint-Stock Company with allowance for new directions of business.

10.03-30.06.2007 Development of technical modernization planof Joint-Stock Company for the purpose of increase of efficiency and safety of production. Special attention was paid to replacement of compressors with an ammoniac coolant on freon compressor.

01.04.2007-20.05.2009 Development of the concept of transformation of Joint-Stock Company in technopark.

20 July Creation of Joint-stock business DOO «Kornetworks holding Montenegro».

16.08.2007 Exit from the project of holding "Agrika" with back transfer of their share.

01.08 - 20.11.2007 Development of projects transformation of ground assets of resort cities to Montenegro (Olvie, Bogomila).

01.10.2007-20.02.2008 Development of master and business plans for tourist-entertaining complexes in Montenegro (Olvie, Bogomila).

01.08.2007-10.11.2008 Development of  project of resettlement and building of microdistrict within the development of existing constructions with commercial realisation of their objects in Penza.

01.09.2007 -10.11.2008 Development of project of processing of customer-furnished raw materials of production wastes in Tajikistan for ecology protectionand preservation of the environment.

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