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News of 1998.

10 January Signing of contract with project institute Gipromjasmolprom on reshaping of Factory of knitted mechanical engineering into food production.

20 January Formation of staff in research and development and production directions of fast-frozen products.

20.01-10.05.1998 Conduction of repair-building and installation works.

01.05.1998 Start of the first stage of production. Issue of the first consignment of fast-frozen products (Pelmeni). Development of regulations. Coordination with SES.

01 August Start of the second turn of production. Flaky pastry issue.

01.05-01.08.1998 Start of developmental works on designing fast-frizzing technique.

01 August Construction documentation issue (ТМК300, ТМК600, ТМФ450) and production techniques development

06-11.08.1998 Organisation of shop on manufacturing fast-frizzing devices of new generation.

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